We see project management as coordination and control across the entire process of planning and execution. Beyond the regular construction activities, we feel jointly responsible for ensuring smooth interaction between all of the modules relevant for implementing our projects.
We define the project organization and work together with our clients to establish project objectives. We select the appropriate management tools to form and guide a team that makes set goals become a reality.
We keep track of the project, penetrate its details and prepare decision-making documents in a timely and structured manner.
We have the necessary know-how and the necessary equipment to also take over the final design if necessary. Whether our services are required as an overall planner, sub-planner or within contracting combines, we are pleased to organize ourselves within the project structure desired by our clients.



Costs, deadlines and qualities are key words for the successful implementation of a project, but they should not overshadow the creativity and the vision of the task on hand.
We ensure that building contractors and architects can focus fully on the actual development of the construction task so that an optimum product can evolve.
We monitor the above parameters during the entire planning and construction phases and support decision-finding processes with respective current data.

We assume the following services within the framework of SIA 102:

Preliminary project phase
Rough cost estimate, concept consultancy, headhunting planners and specialists

Project phase
Estimate of the building costs, scheduling

Preparatory phase
Tenders, analysis of bids, allocation application, consultancy for detail development

Execution phase
Construction management, construction accounting, implementation planning where necessary

Final phase
Final account, commissioning, management of warranty work


A project will often fail due to the lack of a precise definition of the initial situation. We look forward to providing advice on the definition of project goals and, based on many years of experience, we are at a very early stage able to make statements about costs and profitability.
We assist in the valuation of land, and we organize and coordinate the necessary experts. Together with our clients we define meaningful and realistic time frames, competitive costs and desired qualities.
We are happy to arrange a customized team of reliable architects and engineers well known to us and precisely tailored to the respective task.


Beyond the primary responsibility for a project, we are also happy to provide consulting services, e.g. for:

• Status analyses for structures
• Profitability calculations
• Auditing of construction invoicing
• Specialist monitoring functions


Using current state-of-the-art computer software we prepare different documents necessary for the construction process, e.g.:

• Cost estimates and quotations (by EKG or BKP)
• Cost analyses, alternative calculations
• Project reports, competitive descriptions
• Financial statements
• Schedules
• TU/GU submissions
• Full service competitions
• Spreadsheets